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Jyoti Shettigar - Student Review

About the teacher-About the course-Your experience?

About the teacher-

Dr Seema is ocean of knowledge personified when it comes to the science of numbers and tarot…She is so warm and loving and has a knack of understanding what a student wants. She bundles the course with so much of live experiences that one cannot forget the knowledge imparted by her and is permanently engraved in ones cell. As a teacher the amount of faith that she puts in a student automatically makes the person so positive that one is compelled to let go of any inhibitions he or she previously had. She resonates unconditional love in her teachings, its difficult to even take your mind off for a second during the classes. She is really passionate about her teachings As Buddha says when the student is ready the master appears…she is one such master that is the most sorted after…for me its been a miracle to have gained such profound knowledge under her. I am grateful to her.

About the course
The entire course is designed in a manner that one can easily grasp and has enough time to clarify doubts.There are a lot of practical sessions that happens during this course and one gets an hands on experience interacting with actual clients that makes one double confidant. I doubt if any training in the world has to offer what Dr Seema Middha offers in her training…She is knowledgeable and knows her subject well and has a answer to all your limitless questions.

The content of the course has a equal balance of Numerology and Tarot…As a part of the course there is not only adequate training but one is taken to a level where one can practice independently and confidently. Found the course material really exciting and found that all of it was done with in dept research.

Your experience-

Came with zero confidance…after 10 days of rigourous teaching and training I am now going out as a completely transformed person. Ive always had noble intentions to help out people. But the right way of helping them out was questionable as I lacked knowledge then…till I met Dr Seema and who always believe in a simple philosophy…” Its not enough to help people, but one has to help people the right way with the knowledge of science acquired from the right teacher”. After being trained under her…I can confidently say that “ I can now help people the RIGHT WAY”. Thanks to her positive vibes and strong Aura that things just change merely by coming in her presence. For me its been an amazing experience…or to put it more appropriately a experience of a lifetime and lifetimes to comeJ. She is truly “A Enlightened One and New age Guru”. With the deepest of gratitude and respect- I LOVE YOU SEEMAJ.

Bless N Affection
Jyoti Shettigar
Attendee- Jyoti Shettigar
From- Bengalooru/Goa
Date of course- 19th March 2012 -29th March 2012

Manppreet Kaur HONKONG

Dr Seema Middha is a very renowned and a learned teacher. A very dynamic personality with lot of positivity. When I was with her during my study I observed a very positive aura around her. She is enthusiastic and for sure boost up your energy level and uplifts your personality. Her approach is very clear, straight towards her students.

2. CONTENTS:A very detailed and knowledge infusing study about Tarot Card and numerology. It has correction of name and signature.Designing of name cardsPyraYantraLucky numbersLucky jobsYour personality is completely changed and modified and a large amount of development is there.After learning this thought provoking course and the re of numbers we have a large positive impact. It really enhances your life towards betterment.One can grow and have better future prospects.TAROT:It is the fortune teller study. Gives you immense wisdomthen and there. It clears all confusion , removes anxiety and provides immediate answers to all questions.

3. CLASS EXPERIENCE:A good learning experience . A good eye opener. I could feel a lot of comfort zone . Very driendly and congenial environment.this course induces lot of positive energy, good and pure vibes for future and lit of growth.After compketing this study I really have a complete and correct vision of life and day to day activities. The right decision making power becomes strong

Understanding of the subject

Dr Seema Midha is a wonderful mentor,who has a vast understanding of tarot and numerology.

It has been an enriching experience learning under her guidance.she not only made sure that her class is educational but fun and interesting as well.Each day of the class,I felt I had a deeper understanding of more then tarot and numerology. The school gives the complete knowledge and complete understanding of numbers and how it affect our lives, how we can work towards making our lives better with numbers.The school also tarot and how to apply tarot and numerology together and get accurate readings which others may not be able to do. It Also teaches about name ,mobile number,visiting card correction .It gives you complete knowledge of how to use different kind of remedies for different issues and how to improve your life with these remedies. With her experience and knowledge she takes every class to a different level.

Not only that ,she encourages her students to achieve more in life.I have also seen her guiding students after they complete the course and also giving them opportunities that come her way. she is a warm and approachable and I consider myself priviledged and fortunate to get the opportunity to learn from her..Thank you for this life changing experience..

Angelika Allmann

Seema shown and explained in a very unique and professional way.

When I called Seema, I was looking for a course on past life. I always wanted to know myself Better and understand my purpose of my life. Thanks to Dr Seema, I changed my mind and signed up for the Numerology and Tarot course. These twelve days were amazing. I Always liked to work with numbers and I learned how they can influence people’s lifes.Tarot was also something I was destined to, but was not sure how to read them properly.

Seema shown and explained in a very unique and professional way. After the course I can see changes in myself became more clear ,confident and I know I can help the society to make their life better .i see myself as a professional tarot reader & numerologist in Germany Thanks for the wonderful time and your knowledge.

Angelika Allmann
planeggerstr 31 A
82166 Grafelfuig (MUNCHEN)

Aashima Monga

I am thankful to my god sent me an angel Dr Seema Midha

About my class:
When I started my Tarot & Numerology class, I did not even know what is all about ,but with my teacher the road of tarot was smooth .now I am able to do the reading .i am confident enough to motivate positively. DR SEEMA MIDHA is my teacher ,she is full of energy, enthusiasm and total guide,philosopher,friend.she changed my aura from my out look to my thoughts, she is my mentor and I am thankful to my god sent me an angel Dr Seema Midha to bless me .i am feeling truly blessed.

About the content:
Tarot is very authentic science, it really guide you through life..Numerology makes you discover your true self, your true potential, so you can channelize your energy in the correct options. Now I can start my new career and profession and I m sure to excel in it.

Aashima Monga

Shhinaya Madan Bhatia

She is pioneer and visionary force of this century DR SEEMA MIDHA

DR SEEMA MIDHA She is pioneer and visionary force of this century!!!
My teacher Amentor can change your life by broadening your horizon.Dr Seema Midha has helped me to understand the value of “SELF”to understand my stregth and weakness and the vast ocean of life.she has made a difference to my life personally and as a Guru. She has helped me to see the vivd and fascinating world of Tarot Magic :also substianate the predictions with accurate NUMEROLOGY .true to her crediantials,She is pioneerand a visinary force of this century.

The experience of being taught Tarot cards and Numerological readings were a true celebration and feast for the mind and soul.i felt very much at the ease and associated with the idea of readings and people problems in a humanistic and compassionate manner.I was indeed blessed to be able to communicate freely,relate to the clients and phone consultations in a supportive manner.I enjoyed the Experience of being at the class at DELHI SHOOL OF OCCULT SCIENCES

The content of the course at the Tarot & Numerology course was like a “WALK IN THE STARS”. There were many things and concepts to learn ,think and ponder.The course content introduces a step by step approach to basic and advanced concepts .Mental preparation and contioning allows a delliberate and quick absorption of ideas. Abstrusive situations and solutions are a part of this course. Lessons of life ,amazing power of numbers and tarot,remedies and many other interesting areas of occult sciences are a part of this course.


Monika Panwar

She is truly blessed and blesses every one around her Monika Panwar

About Class:
The classes are well organised and planned. Detailed study about every aspect and everything which is taught. It’s not like basic classroom study where in the teachers goes about teaching and the students write and mug up the course. These are one on one session for deep understanding so that the student understands the subject instead of just reading through. And all the help is given with live examples and practical analysis.

About Content:
The study material is very thorough and besides the books there are several notes which are provided during the classes held. Again a very planned and systematic way the chapters are numbered so that the student understand and can use the material for further reference.

About teacher:
Dr Seema is a very enthusiastic, well read and understands her subject thoroughly. And she is of a belief that this knowledge should be shared instead of keeping to oneself. As it can be used for self development of oneself and is a good helping tool for everyone. Full of energy, love and positive energy. She is truly blessed and blesses every should around her. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time and sharing the knowledge with me.

Monika Panwar

Rachna Madan

This course has transformed me completely as a person

Admission number 3695 First of all I would like to thank God that he sent this instinct in my mind that I should do this course & sending me to the best teacher. This course has transformed me completely as a person as it has filled me with so much positive aura.

Seema Mam is a wonderful teacher & a really beautiful soul. She makes sure that you understand everything deeply so that after the course completion you are fully trained and can start professionally right then. She doesn’t just teach but also tells you how to go ahead with pursuing it as a career. As the course goes by, just after 3-4 classes you can feel the confidence of knowing so much about numbers & how cards can predict about the situations. It’s amazing to know that how these sciences can help you scan people.The best part is this is not just a theoretical, it becomes more interesting because of the practical readings we get to do while studying.

My whole experience has been great. I will definitely miss those discussions we had in class, even at the time of lunch .She is a friend and not just a teacher. The best thing is that there is no age bar for this course and anyone can start his/her career at any point in life. I have started doing readings already and glad to see the response of clients including family & friends. Thanks to Seema mam that she took us on an event where we had first real social experience. Last but not the least, I am so glad that I did this course & highly recommend it to all of you interested in these occult sciences.

Rachna Madan, Canada.
+91 9711566250(India)

Surbhie Chabbra

This course for me was a life changing therapy

Admission number 3694 This course for me was a life changing therapy & an eye opener. Life has changed in many ways only for the positive. It was very soul enriching. The way this course has been compiled by her within 3-4 classes, you start getting confidence in your reading. Its amazing how numbers can scan a person & how logical & scientific this science is.

Seema mam to me was more like a mother, mentor & a Psychiatrist .She is a fantastic teacher & a wonderful person and I am so glad that she touched my life in a way that her remedies has turned me into such a positive & confident individual. . Thanks to Seema mam that she took us on an event where we had first real social experience. Last but not the least, I am so glad that I did this course & highly recommend it to all of you interested in these occult sciences.

I highly recommend it to all the people who have interest in Psychic, Numerology & Tarot reading.

Surbhie Chabbra, New Delhi
+91 8285112567

Vaibhav K Jagwani

She lighten the path for me towards divinity and soul consciousness Thank you maam

Life is itself A journey From youth to old age, from Birth to Death Dr Seema Midha A True Tarot and Numerology Master Helps Me To Exposes and Constructs My Ideas of Mind In divine and unconditional spirituality She really opens my eyes towards the Mystical Tarot and towards the strong healing energies of occult sciences From past five years i have been into self tarot reading but there was something missing in that.

Dr Seema Midha really helps me and teach me to reach to the higher self of Tarot reading with the New age numerology and lot more with alternative therapies Tarot and numerology course was a just starter for my spiritual path but true fact is that she lighten the path for me towards divinity and soul consciousness.

The course started with strong and positive session and how its ended is just a miracle of my life She shape me like diamond super star All the classes where well planned and course is so authentic with 100 % guaranteed result Apart from the course she really help me to stay alone with full joy and love And last i just want to say thanks to guru maa to making me a member of Dsos family Really DSOS

vaibhav k jagwani

Aannchal Batra

A bliss just to thank you
Dr Seema Midha…… !!!

She got such a nice and soothing vibration that if you met her once, then you get addicted to her. Sitting with her and talking your heart out is the best feeling in this world.She is a teacher, friend and a mentor for me.

She introduced me to this beautiful world of numbers and tarot.She made my journey to smooth and interesting. She is a excellent teacher and at the same time a small kid how laugh with me on my jokes. Her way of teaching is awesome. She made my course so interesting that I did’t even realized when my course got ended. Before coming to her i use to feel that this study of numbers and tarot gonna be rocket science but. Her course content is Very easy to understand. She made my concept clear in tarot, numbers, vastu, Feng shui and color therapy. And she had made my concept so clear, that now I am very confident about my reading.

And that not all In her classes I was able to grasp lots of practical knowledge. She is the ocean of knowledge. I Have come across many professionals in occult science but I am very sure to declare it that she is the one of the kind who will get the best in you. And now I am a professional numerologiest and tarot card reader by the grace of God and Dr Seema Midha. I am very thankful to you that you have given this life time assert to me.

Thank you so much
Aannchal Batra

Nisha Bangalore

Heartfelt gratitude to DR SEEMA MIDHA

Being a Student of Dr Seema Midha is a great in all respects, where I personally got a kick-start to my new journey of unfolding the foldings. Myself being a lecturer in Engineering College, it was a total new and unexpected experience being in the role of a student to learn from Dr Seema Midha. My experience of this training has been excellent.

The sessions were properly and professionally planned to cater to all areas of basic and advanced concepts of Tarot reading, New Age Numerology and Impact of Mobile numbers on an individual.

The training was conducted with more preference given towards practical sessions. Personal attention and close guidance was given for the complete session of 10 days that helped in quick learning.

I was able to take few calls, provide consultation and guidance all of my own in presence of my teacher. This could be possible due to the way the training sessions are conducted by my Taro & Numerology Guru Dr Seema Midha

Apart from training on Tarot and Numerology, some interesting sessions like ‘How to present’, ‘How to consult’ etc were also covered in order to have an edge above and stand out.

Overall it’s not only the training received, a guru for lifetime.

Thanks and Kind Regards,
Nisha 9900004235

Kajal Tiwari

When I think of my connection with Seema Midha, the first thing that comes to my mind is this selection from ‘Guru Gita’ as given in Uttarakhand section of ‘Skanda Purana’.

गुरुर ब्रह्मा गुरुर विष्णु गुरु देवो महेश्वरः
गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः


Know the Guru to be Brahma himself. He is Vishnu. He is also Shiva. Know Him to be the Supreme Brahman, and offer thy adorations unto that peerless Guru.

The true meaning of Guru is “one who dispels darkness of ignorance”. “Gu” means “darkness of ignorance” and “Ru” means “one who removes”. Guru resembles the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is creator. And BLESSED I AM coz I found one more.

Our mother is our FIRST GURU and we can consider ourselves to be absolutely blessed if we find someone like her. I am writing this as a tribute to one of the very few teachers who touched my life and heart in more ways than one. Though science has answers for almost everything, there are a few things that are beyond its explanation like our sixth sense or intuition or psychic ability or paranormal activity or that feeling of Déjà Vu etc., I always felt a divine-calling and wasn’t able to make the connection. In my journey to understand the reason I met a few great teachers and Seema Midha is definitely one of them.

My association with her has been A GIFT from the divine. I’ve been doing Tarot Card readings and Reiki Healing for a long time but always had a feeling of ambiguity, though my readings were extremely accurate.

It’s my association with Seema Ma’am that truly helped me at an emotional, spiritual and intellectual level. She’s a great teacher who not only taught me to connect the dots of my life but also read me like an open book. I am learning Numerology from her – have barely finished 40% of the actual course AND I’ve already stopped dwelling in self-doubt. I’m more confident in my readings. Her explanation about the concepts is extremely simple and she makes the connection between Tarot Card reading and Numerology extremely convincing. Her sincerity, dedication and passion flows very lucidly in her teaching. Her ability to take personal interest in my life and make sure that I was invested in honing my ability, her generosity in offering a platform to further my ability touched my heart because you rarely find people who are so completely invested in you. Words don’t REALLY do justice to the DIVINITY in her. You have to get associated with her to experience that Godliness.

I’m sure you are visiting this page and reading this because at some point in time you answered to the “divine calling” in you. So what are you waiting for? Just CALL HER!

I’d like to THANK her for everything she’s done for me by dedicating another selection from “Guru Gita” Gyana Shakti Samarudham Tatwa Mala Vibhushitam Bhukti Mukti Pradata Cha Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha

He who is established in spiritual knowledge and power, who is adorned with the garland of truth, the Reality, He who bestows both liberation and enjoyment here in this world to that Guru sublime, Salutations. Seema Ma’am! I thank you for coming into my life and bow down to thee…Kajal Tiwari


Kimaya Dhir

My experience with her is a BLISS KIMAYA DHIR

My experience of learning from Dr Seema Midha has been the most memorable time of my life. I started my classes on june18 2012 and in just 15days i can see myself as an expert tarot reader.She teaches with such patience and enthusiasm that i never in my class for once lacked intrest.My classes usually started by 11am and were finished by 4:30pm.I never realised how these 5 Hours passed.She is one of the most exiting and intresting person i have ever come across with.She is full of life and always have something new to share.Her experience in this field helped helped me alot.I now look upto her for advice and guidance.I had not even finished my course when clients started calling me for appointments. Dr seema midha was so happy for me.She treats me like her own daughter.She is my Idol.The way she treats her clients is Awesome.I am so Glad that i am trained under Dr seema midha.My course included advance course in Tarot Reading and advance course in New Age Numerlogy.i learned so many new things like Name Correction,Phone Number correction,Signature Correction and Visiting Card Designing.I even learned Remedial measures.In tarot reading course i learned new and different spreads.In Numerlogy i also got to learn Compatibility,Lucky numbers,Lucky Jobs,Lucky colours,Health problems.I learned tarot meditation which was bliss.

When i started giving consultation to my Clients they were extremely happy and satisfied.I coudn’t believe the change in me. My readings were so much authentic after learning numerlogy with tarot.It was worth getting trained under Dr Seema middha

Farha Keneya

Grateful & my gratitude towards DR SEEMA MIDHA

Every living cell in your body reacts instantly to every thought you have. “There are two types of addicts. The happy ones, and the violent ones.” – VH1 – 9-11-01. Luckily … I have seen the happy ones. (yKil)

If you’re successful half the time, try doubling your efforts.

On a positive note I’ve learned from Dr Seema Midha that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights. I’ve learned that making a “living” is not the same thing as making a “life.” I’ve learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance. I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back. I’ve learned that if you pursue happiness, it will elude you. But if you focus on your family, your friends, the needs of others, your work and doing the very best you can,happiness will find you. I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision. I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one. I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love that human touch – holding hands, a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back. I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn. Note: People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but People will never forget DR SEEMA MIDHA how you made them feel… ” FARHA KENEYA

Barnali Chaklader


I remember meeting Dr Seema Midha in 2007. I had seen her on ‘India TV’, taking queries of people on phone. I found her to be a very confident and pleasant tarot card reader. She was handling each query with a lot of patience and the people were disconnecting calls with satisfaction in their voices.

I was impressed! I decided to meet her and met her after seeking an appointment from her. And My God! She seemed to know everything about me and that too through a pack of cards! Session with her really helped me as she not only predicted about my future but also guided and counseled me about my career and personal life. She has accurately predicted about my personal life, career, foreign travels etc. She had suggested remedies too about the problem areas which has really helped.

She is a highly knowledgeable and down to earth person and treats all her clients with equal importance.

Barnali Chaklader
19th October 2011
Mobile number : 8750042

Aishhwarya Ganesh


For the past one year I had been trying to get in touch with Dr Seema to learn Tarot from her. My one year long time waiting for learning tarot studies came alive this year on 16th June when I finally got the opportunity to undergo this training and guidance under Dr Seema Midha. I was very excited to learn the depths of these mystical sciences from her and understand its impact on our lives. My experience in this study has been very engrossing and warm with her personal touch with which she created more interest in the study. Slowly when we progressed I learnt that she not only teaches us Tarot and numerology but also prepares us for our lives. She has not only taught what was in our books but also shared some invaluable and priceless experiences with me which i feel will be a strong foundation for our future career in these studies. Entering the class itself was enough to get the positive vibrations which have had a great impact on me and helped me in viewing life with a new and a positive outlook. I am fortunate to have her guidance at such an early age. The patience with which she teaches us in incredible. Also the remedies which she gave me have been very effective. Especially the metal kada and the bracelet she gave me. I have become more positive.

She is a very vivacious, full of energy, enthusiastic and a very encouraging person who attracts any one and everyone. Her voice itself on the radio is enough to make the day positive. I am grateful to madam for imparting the critical knowledge and sharing of experience with me. Will always in touch with you. Thanking you yours sincerely Aishhwarya Ganesh

Niveditta Ajay Khot Abu Dhabi

Thank you Dr Seema Midha (Guruma)
Om Sai Ram!!!

I completed my graduation in Science (Microlobiology) and then got an opportunity to work in HSBC in Abu Dhabi immediately after my graduation. My parents and husband were strong believers of all such occult sciences, but I was a total non believer. Due to personal reasons I had to leave my job. Since I was at home, my husband encouraged me to contact Dr Seema Midha and ask her from where she learnt the course. At first I ridiculed at the idea and did not take his word seriously. I took a few weeks to actually think before I called Dr Seema. One fine day my inner voice prompted me to take up the phone and dial her telephone number. From then onwards my journey into the mystical world started.

From day one Dr Seema assured me that I would do well in this field and it was the Lord’s wish that I guide his people around the world through these sciences. Since I was in Abu Dhabi and she was in Gurgaon, we did the course through Skype. She provided me all the tarot material before the class started and also sent me the soft copies of her notes through email on numerology. All the notes are very easy to understand and provides good guidance to make our readings authentic. Apart from that she also discussed useful points and provided me guidance through her personal experiences during the skype sessions. Now after having studied numerology and tarot, my ideas have changed a lot and I have realized that behind each and everything that happens in our life, there is a strong supporting reason to it.

After having done the course, I find myself approaching people who are in trouble and need relief. My customer portfolio is developing at a rapid rate and I find myself doing this course at a profession level. It gives me great pleasure and confidence when my clients are satisfied and are able to find their right paths through my guidance. I feel blessed by the Lord, who chose me to do this course through Dr Seema.

Thank you Dr Seema Midha (Guruma)
With Best Regards
Niveditta Ajay Khot
Abu Dhabi

Neha Chopra REVIEW (DELHI)

Hello Mam….!it was so pleasure full for me to learn tarot from you n the remedies which you had told me are very much effective for me . it has great positive effect. when i have taken it in my daily life, i came to know how much it is effective n how it can change a routine life into a spiritual life. im glad to learn tarot , numerology n remedies. Mam thank you so much

Aakkash Aggarwal (DELHI)

Would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching us and spreading the wisdom of tarot reading and numerology. Its been a lifetime experience and a memorable period of my life time. Its been my pleasure to have this beautiful experience which has changed my self totally. Thanking you is a very small word to express any feeling as the time you given me is incredible and exciting.Thank you for making this world a better place for me.

Thanks a lot
Aakkash Aggarwal

Sangeeta Anand

22 My Experience :
-Enjoyed the course , very informative and in-depth learning.
-One on one learning was very helpful in clearing doubts.

The course :
-Contents were very suited to the situation.
-Good involvement by the facilitator.

About the facilitator – Dr Seema Midha:
-Dr Midha’s exceptional in her knowledge
-She has provided very good examples and case studies to authenticate and clear doubts.
-Very knowledgeable.
-Motivated and mentor in many areas of the subject and otherwise.
-Very positive person with a good attitude and teaching skills.

Highly Recommended
Sangeeta Anand

Supriya Sudesh

The experience was divine, learnt a lot, enjoyed the classes. The classes were very interesting because Seema Ji always shared her experience with us in class. Discussions on various topics would always clear our doubts and making our concepts stronger. Many cases were studied in details. Also, we were given opportunity to handle clients, view ma’am handling the clients. All of this combined am sure will help us handle our clients in future.

Our classes will go on forever as Seema Ji will be guiding us throughout in all our endeavors.

Thank you Ma’am
Supriya Sudesh

Manish Agarwal

An apprehensive approach to Dr Seema resulted in a very informal chat and clarity as regards to tarot science. First few formal classes proved to be interactive and full of exchange of ideas and knowledge. Slowly with time, the mystery became knowledge/awareness.With awareness came confidence.Tarot combined with numerology can change the way the world lives their lives. A lesson learnt well from the spiritual healer-Dr Seema Midha. Use of well defined cards and clearly apelt numerological charts and simplified use of remedial equipments is the hallmark of learning with her. Patience is a strength, use of technology and sound and clear principles and respect of money is included in her personality.

Devotion of Sai Baba is one of the common passions between us and I am priviledged to have her choose me as a student in occult life,perhaps a karmic connection is established at this juncture.

Manish Agarwal

Disha A Singal

Seema Ji is an excellent teacher who has a thorough knowledge about the subjects she teaches. Apart from being a course teacher she is awonderful person at heart. For me she has been a teacher, mentor and guide throughout the course duration and would always be my guru through out my life.She is like a diamond cutter who makes sparkling diamond out of a raw piece and wants the diamond to realize its own value.

Dishaa A Singal

Vinney A Kathpal

My experience at the Tarot and Numerology workshop by Dr Seema Midha was an extraordinary experience. Apart from the contents of the course she taught us a number of other things as well. Whatever she committed towards our course was thoroughly executed and understood. After this I feel as if this science was deep within me and she helped me achieve it.I am now confident enough to start my own studio in this line. She has been a great guidance and Guru throughout and always ready to help even after the course. By my past experience i have learned that she is the best mentor.I sincerely thank Dr Seema Midha for her precious knowledge and time and also the most valuable blessings she has bestowed me with.I wish to stay under her blessings forever and do much more than she has expected out of me.Wishing all my good luck to my Guru. Wish to become like you someday Ma’am.

Thank you Ma’am
Vinney A Kathpal (DELHI )

Sakshi Kumar

I am just 19 years old at present but i enjoyed so much with the people of different ages, I got to learn so many new things from everyone. I can feel the change in myself,what i was a month before and what i am now. The course is much more than a just a course. Itis all about how to live a happy and peaceful life.This course has had a big impact on my life. I am very grateful to my teacher Dr Seema Midha as she has taught me so well ans so much about the life experiences and I heart fully thank her for preparing me for apreparing me for a perfect life ahead. I respect her whole heartedly for teaching us with so much devotion. She is a great lady and I feelblessed to know her and also lucky to be her student.

I had never thought about numbers so much but after doing this course I have realised that numbers play a vital role in our life. The cards give us guidance at every step of life . With this course I am sure I will be able to change lives of many people. The amount I have paid for the course is nothing compared to what i have achieved through this course- A bliss for lifetime,I will always remember you Ma’am, Thank you so much!

Sakshi Kumar

Dr Nisha Mishra

Hello Mam,

I believe that numerology is a magical science, where each number has some kind of significance and vibrations. These numbers can be harmonious or non-harmonious to individual affecting their life. This impact of numbers on an individual made me to dwell in to the magical world of numbers. I was fortunate to know about Dr Seema Midha (now my Guru & Guide) from close associate. Initially impressed by her profile, I consulted her for some few suggestions on concerns bothering me. Post this discussion I experienced the positive changes and that’s when I decided to explore the new world of Numerology.

Dr Seema Midha is very professional, positive, and approachable with immense knowledge on the subject areas like Numerology and various other mystical sciences.
The workshop conducted by Dr Seem Midha clears the basic concepts theoretically and with live examples. On and above she also ensured that being a student I do a consultancy in her presence without any help, that shows the confidence she bring in every student. Over years, Dr Seema Midha has assimilated experience and in-depth knowledge in area of Numerology and also written books on this subject. She imparts students with knowledge with such ease that one can experience the effects immediately.

The impact of the training resulted in me changing my profession. I resigned as a Sr. Lecturer and H.O.D Chemistry department from Engineering College, so that I could now dive into the ocean of Numbers. Dr. Seema Midha made this major transition possible. Dr. Seema Midha is not only guide and mentor but also an oracle to bring about deep spiritual and karmic understanding of numbers, which impact us all the time. Infact, I changed the mobile numbers of my husband and myself.

Overall, the workshop is unique and the knowledge transferred by Dr. Seema Midha is so vast that I can explicitly foretell the potential gains & losses due to numbers.

Dr. Nisha Mishra
Mobile: +91-9900004235
E-mail: den_mishra@yahoo.co.in

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