Dr. Seema Midha
An internationally renowned Tarot Card expert/ teacher, ace numerologist, feng shui expert, and specialist in alternative therapies, Dr Seema Midha has been consistently


There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life. ~Varaha Mihira

Likewise, Dr Seema Midha is the only one who can provide a helping hand, and a motivational support, towards answers, which can change your entire outlook to life.

Based in spiritual India’s capital, New Delhi, Dr Seema Midha is an internationally Ace Numerologist and Tarot Expert, with a mission to change the lives of people with her wisdom and profound psychic knowledge. A Post Graduate in Child Psychology, and specialized in Tarot, Numerology Feng-shui, Vaastu, Colour therapy, crystal ball gazing, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Pranic Healing, Acupressure, Psychotherapy, Hypnotism, Past life, Aura Reading & enhancing techniques, Angel Healing, Evil Effect Remedies Chants and Mudra therapy Dr Seema Midha, is a dutiful mother and wife.

Being socially involved as a noted tarot reader, Dr Seema Midha believes in uncovering the hidden strength within people, with a sole aim to empower them with self-confidence. 

Sometimes it is useful to know how large your zero is. ~Author Unknown~

Are you happy with your present job and relationship? Are you wondering if you will ever get the overseas opportunity you have been waiting for or if you will meet your soul mate in this lifetime? Well!! Wonder no more, as your search ends by letting Dr Seema Midha help you change your life with numbers.

Renowned for her accurate calculations, eons of experience and positive vibes Dr Seema Midha is an ace numerologist, who can show you how to improve your life, towards happiness and success. If you are thinking of buying a property or valuable assets but have countless doubts, contact Dr Seema Midha who will embrace them instantly, giving you guaranteed solutions.

Do you want to improve your self-confidence and get the perfect partner who loves and respects you? Reach out to Dr Seema Midha, who will guide you to achieve all you desire by enlightening you about your lucky number, colour, logo, or signature. Simply by knowing your date and time of birth, she can tell you how to move your life in the right direction.

It is time to change your life with numbers NOW, with Dr Seema Midha and get the life you always wanted. From the common person to the elite, trust Dr Seema Midha’s simple but accurate predictions. Just give her your mobile number and let her judge what the future has in store for you !!


About the teacher-
About the teacher-
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Dr Seema is ocean of knowledge personified when it comes to the science of numbers and tarot…She is so warm and loving and has a knack of understanding what a student wants. She bundles the course with so much of live experiences that one cannot forget the knowledge imparted by her and is permanently engraved in ones cell. As a teacher the amount of faith that she puts in a student automatically makes the person so positive that one is compelled to let go of any inhibitions he or she previously had. She resonates unconditional love in her teachings, its difficult to even take your mind off for a second during the classes. She is really passionate about her teachings As Buddha says when the student is ready the master appears…she is one such master that is the most sorted after…for me its been a miracle to have gained such profound knowledge under her. I am grateful to her.
About the course
About the course
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The entire course is designed in a manner that one can easily grasp and has enough time to clarify doubts.There are a lot of practical sessions that happens during this course and one gets an hands on experience interacting with actual clients that makes one double confidant. I doubt if any training in the world has to offer what Dr Seema Middha offers in her training…She is knowledgeable and knows her subject well and has a answer to all your limitless questions. The content of the course has a equal balance of Numerology and Tarot…As a part of the course there is not only adequate training but one is taken to a level where one can practice independently and confidently. Found the course material really exciting and found that all of it was done with in dept research.
Your experience-
Your experience-
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Came with zero confidance…after 10 days of rigourous teaching and training I am now going out as a completely transformed person. Ive always had noble intentions to help out people. But the right way of helping them out was questionable as I lacked knowledge then…till I met Dr Seema and who always believe in a simple philosophy…” Its not enough to help people, but one has to help people the right way with the knowledge of science acquired from the right teacher”. After being trained under her…I can confidently say that “ I can now help people the RIGHT WAY”. Thanks to her positive vibes and strong Aura that things just change merely by coming in her presence. For me its been an amazing experience…or to put it more appropriately a experience of a lifetime and lifetimes to comeJ. She is truly “A Enlightened One and New age Guru”. With the deepest of gratitude and respect- I LOVE YOU SEEMAJ.



I first met Seema Midha in Jan 2012 through a friend who recommended her to me. Over my first face to face meeting with her, she unraveled my current state of affairs through a combination of techniques (predominantly the tarot) and presented a few changes in my life that she believed were vital for me. I did follow a lot of them, and I must say, I did see many positive improvements, some very crucial. She is also a very humble and approachable human being, and for this, I tend to fall back on her advice ever so often! I wish her all the very best, and I recommend her very highly – Sandhya Menon(Dubai)

If there was someone who could transform my life, it is Ms Seema Midha. I still remember the fortunate moment when I first met her. Helpless at the hands of merciless pain from Migraine, my first meeting was a SOS call and I assure you, she not only saved my soul, she has become my soul.

For me she is an icon who has embarked on a journey towards greatness. Like the Midas, she has turned all the lives she has touched into gold. She is the power behind the powerful, calm of the peaceful and the guiding light of the successful. She brings out the best in people and her positive aura is unparalleled.

As a teacher, she has had a lasting impact on my life. To the non believer, her art is a logical science and to the believer, she has turned this science into an art form. Her knowledge of her craft is vast and her faith in it easily contagious. She has been more than a teacher to me. She has been a mentor and a guide who I have looked upto in times good and bad.

She is an embodiment of endless “Seema” of possibilities and transformations; of strength and energy; of endless love and unconditional affection. For me she has been the pillar of my life. She deserves all the accolades that come her way. I am sure she will continue to touch and heal many lives..many souls. I am grateful to be small part of her great journey and am glad that I had an opportunity to walk together with her for a part of it. Maa’m, thanks for being there..always.

Dr Seema Midha was God sent Angel and of course ;The Almighty is the Greatest and she is God Gifted
Dear Seema jee,

Hope this email finds you well, healthy and positive as always.

Life is difficult and everyone encounters tough time and problems on their way towards set goals, but few have a positive attitude and solution to those hurdles. One such person is Dr Seema Midha. Whoever comes in contact with her gets filled with vibrant life-force and positive energy.

My name is FARAH MANZOOR fifth generation kenyan asian muslim,survivor of widow inheritance issues,survivor of gender based violence. I have a sick mum paralysed for last 17 years who is a widow also and two brothers. I am an orphan as well my late father died when i was young.

My forefathers came from Rajasthan India and after partion moved to Pakistan Sialkot.Later they moved to Kenya which is my soil and country.My Great Great grandad brought sugarcane in kenya from pakistan and his photograph Mohamed Din Bhutta along with my grandads lie in the Musuems of Kenya.

Our forefathers came here as koolie babus to build the Kenya Railway they were Indians and Pakistanis who build it and worked like brothers. I am writing this testimony for the whole world to read,i suffered for 10 years went to all the tarot experts,astrologers,pandits and maalims. They all blackmailed me and fooled me. During the post election violence in kenya 2007 i lost my flourished business and my brother lost his job as well coz recession came in and food prices shot up, how would we now retain my sick mum who needs medicine very month for 600 usd and medical is not free here. We had properties which we had to sell to keep us going, the last i had was my wedding gold jewellery. Mothers lap foundation was founded many years ago but to keep it moving On was now another problem. It was my passion to have women’s voices heard for injustice done to them. Since i being a Graduate highly educated lady suffered in the courts, vulnerable to society. I just thought what happens to the illiterate ones. At no cost was i going to stop helping them. I had to find a way out and i knew Allah the Almighty will definitely send an Angel to me.

I just could not say NO TO A WOMAN who would knock at my door for help
I still helped them with some of my other good friends.
I sold my car and i had some money left from the jewellery which i used for Mums medicines ad food, how long would that last?

In the end i went to mosques for help nobody helped knocked doors of rich people whom my late father, late husband my mum myself, my brothers had helped during their poverty days. Nobody helped we had property in Pakistan where my sick mum was conned by my dads brothes and sisters never gave her the right share so i had formed a passion in my heart to help women it was my dream and the day my mother was conned i took an oath that till my last breath i will help women no matter what.

I did not choose this life:

Life chose me There came a time we had no food in the house but some of our friends Helped us. I was on face book and read about Dr Seema Midha for a while i thought i should just forget writing to her coz of what the rest had done to me. I then decided to get in touch with her that day we had no food in the house i borrowed money from a friend to call her at 2 am in the morning Kenyan Time. I was suffering from trauma, depression sick name it. It was all there. She was so kind on phone and asked me for my date of Birth which i gave her Whatever she said was all true, so i got faith in her. I then started keeping in touch with Dr Seema Midha on a regular basis On phone every day. She was the kindest person and a gem of a lady i have ever met. She asked me to immediately change my mobile number at first i wondered why but since all her predictions were right i changed The very next day For the first 2 weeks nothing changed, but after that things started moving i started becoming popular with my NGO. . And i also purchased a car.

I am the first Asian lady in Kenya for womens rights and one of the eminent women now. As i write this testimony Dr Seema Midha was God sent Angel and of course The Almighty is the Greatest and she is God Gifted.

I can give her so many beautiful names and thank her but still not enough.
I have tears as i write this she changed my life and i now help others who have similar problems to pull them out of this.
I also recommended my friends to her and they all were successful.

Dr Seema Midha please share this with the whole world you are ”QUEEN OF HEARTS” GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS

I am now in the process of learning from her the Tarot and Fengshui so i can help people as well. To all those who are reading this and have issues please get in touch with her Now, she is a Great Lady, Humanitarian and full of love and positivity.

Many Many Thanks
Dr Seema Midha
I will always treasure you all my life.


It felt so nice talking to you today. In a world where people charge 25,000/- fo rname correction, you charge 2000/- i think the world needs some sincere people like you who are not interested to only make money.

My thoughts go back to September 2012 when i chanced upon your book on mobile numerology and that book changed my perception of mobile numerology. Typically all books on numerology only talk about totalling all the numbers to one number but your book specifies the implications of each digit in the mobile number.

Following are the real life cases that happened with me:

  • 1.A friend of mine who read your book and changed his mobile number saw a rapidnormalisation of his temper in just one month. He became a calm and peaceful person just by changing the total of his number.
  • 2.A friend who had three 7s in his number was duped by his partner for about $ 4mil which is roughly 20 Cr.
  • 3.A friend who fell into bad impression with his boss, recovered within 3 months after changing his number and now has a good relationship with his boss.
  • 4.I never knew the dangers of a number repeating too many times and i say what 888 makes to the temper of a person or what 111 makes in relationships or 222 showsa person is too self centered.

The best thing is that this planetary affects re-arrangement is possible with just a change of a simple mobile number and people hold on to their mobile numbers for dear life not wanting to change them and in turn suffering all their life. On top of that people talk about not having trust and faith not realizing it is a science which they are not aware of. Of course it can be risky to change a number without consultation and i would not recommend that approach.

I just want to thank Seema for coming out with a solution for people in areas of health, relationships, abundance, love, education, politics, sports etc and this coverage of various life aspects have never been done by any numerologist specifically in mobile numerology. somebody may ask you to add 2 e’s to your name but you will hardly find anybody who will be able to recommend you a mobile number and that i feel is the biggest rarity of this special person called Seema Midha.

I would love to clarify that above is my personal opinion and i am definitely not at all interested in forcing this opinion on any one else. Faith is the biggest thing in life, that which makes everybody believe that they will continue to breath the next morning when they get up and when this special attribute is missing than nothing can work.

Mean while to all those who have faith – my message – till date no one could change your life for the better except your family or a few friends, today you have a chance to make that jump in life improvement thru seema midha…try it and you will not be dissapointed.

Jeeten Bhardwaj

I don’t know how to frame this but, i would say thank you Dr Seema Midha for all of your advices and tarot readings for me. I am completely amazed by your tarot reading, cause each of your reading told me exact thought of my mind, my soul & body, I still remember that final project submission day, when one of my project IC’s was not working properly i couldn’t arrange it on that moment & i was crying as don’t know what to do i told you that my whole marks depends upon the working of my project & you just ask me my date of birth & told me that your examiner won’t even examine your project, i must tell you she was vigilantly checking each & everyone’s project but when it came to my project she won’t even ask for it. I don’t know it was like prophecy. Each of your tarot reading is 100% absolutely genuine.You are like an angel who touch me & made me something. I can’t tell you how greatfull i am that i got a guru & mentor like you.

gratitude from the bottom of my heart

i am not just writing a testimonial it is the expression of my heartfelt gratitude. seema ji you have been a very strong support not just a professional giving astro predictions but you are actually like a best friend with whom one can share comfortably i want to thank you for your guidance with your absolutely correct predictions it has not been just one odd case but time and again your readings have proved to be correct i am a wheel chair bound paraplegic woman and due to my limitations of disability, my anxiety always remains high and i need to have a sense of extra faith in anything i do specially my travels for my international sports events the availability of visas and help my performance your predictions give me that extra streak of faith and positivity best was your prediction about my daughter’s admission in delhi university just when we all had given up all hopes it was only you who said it will happen and it did and the most amazing was the time frame given by you which seemed odd in the beginning but it happened exactly. being a disabled has added pressures of marital compatibility. one tends to have own share of insecurity and complexes but thanks to your guidance i could sail through a rough patch of marriage also and now things are so happy and perfect.

i thank almighty to have blessed you with your abilities to be able to help people around you may the one above continue to bless you and in turn bless us with your powerful predictions and seema ji it is not just about the predictions i have to thank you for your suggestions on my mobile number as well as vehicle number both have turned out to be really lucky i have seen a marked difference in my progress ever since i have followed the numerology you have suggested. if i start thanking you the list is endless hence i say i just want you to know that i am sincerely grateful

Dear Seema Mam,


I write this mail to thank you for all the guidance i have received from you time and again i continued to work hard but there were some very challenging times and decisions that i had to face on this journey of life, but your suggestions have always helped me choose a positive path not just predictions but even your counselling has given me a great career i thank you for my achievements and look forward to your continued support.

Deepa Malik
Arjuna Awardee 2012
Three Limca Records

Last year was the worst period of my life. Then my mother brought me to DR SEEMA MIDHA in December. She was so good with her tarot and numerology that without even talking she described me totally. It amazed me a lot that not many people know about me but she knew each and everything about me.She told me to believe in myself and gave me lucky numbers for mobile and lucky charm which i carried with myself all time and told me that there is a very big thing awaiting for me in 2011.This year in the month of January I started to work on a NASA project of robotics while following her path. In the end my project got selected in NASA’s lunabotics mining competition and i competed against 43 teams all over the world.All this experience could not have been possible without her help

I wish to appreciate skills / predictions shown by Tarot Exprt Seema Midha. I must say that All predictions were absolutely correct (wether its about IWD or about rest). I personally feel that I made a right choice to nominate your name for ‘HONOR FOR EXCELLENCE’ ( & then seen huge fan following thus you got great number of votes to succeed ). Though I can write a complete book about your excellence but still compliling in one line as ‘ You are Simply a Blessing with God’s Hand to predict future ‘ !!!

Dear Seemaji,

I and my family thank you for your wonderful and brilliant predictions and reading given by you.
After 3 weeks we took 2nd X-ray, which was not impressive. We took 3 different opinions from Orthopedic Surgeons and all were advicing for surgerory which was very worrying for all of us at home. We had no choice left but to take her to Balaji hospital for final opinion, again as per the doctor she has to undergo surgery. So we prepared ourself mentally and got her admitted a day before surgery on 12th of May as the doctor wanted all kind of tests and investigations before surgery. All her reports were normal, doctors said the following day i.e 13th May, she will be operated at 3:00 PM. I was very tensed and praying for speedy recovery and also about your predictions, which was continously haunting me about your wrong predictions.If you remember I called you in the last week of April 2011 to know about my mother’s health, as she had fractured her hand above elbow on 11th April 2011 and doctors were advocating surgery for hand and we were not interested in for going surgery as my mother is 79 years.

But, giving Anesthia would be risk, so you can decide upon, then we took her back to hospital room.The next day, my mother has been prepared for the operations, she was not given any thing to eat or drink. Nurses changed her clothing. She was again has to undergo one more test of ECHO ( Cardiac Function Test). At about 09:30 AM , she was taken on wheel chair to that room and Doctors tested her and asked for any kind of symptoms. After conducting tests, one doctor came out and said, undergoing surgery would be risk, as she has developed an age related problem, where her arteries have shrinked in medical terminology

About 12:30 PM on of the Jr Doctor came and said, you need to sign a form. I asked him what is all about, the Jr doctor said, performing operation on her has high risk, therefore if anything happens we will not be responsible for that so you need to sign the form. I and my brother asked him what kind of risk, the Doctor as she has developed age related problem in her heart, in layman’s language heart is weak, so doing surgery involves risk, as she wont be able to cope up with Anesthia and said I take you to Anthesist. Myself and my brother went to meet Anthesist, he explained how much risk is involved in the operations. But, I said before admitting her to hospital we were told that she will be given only local Anesthia. Anesthist replied that there is a possibility that local Anesthia wont be effective in that case we my have to give her General Anthesia also, which involves high risk in her case. Then that doctor also said, it is also possible that sometimes operations become successful and sometimes patient goes in coma, we dont know how this patient will behave and therefore we cannot assure for any success. These words of doctor were very worrying for both myself and my brother. At 1:00 PM we decided to not to go with surgery. Then I realised, how accurate was your prediction.

Seemaji, isnt it brilliant that your predictions are so accuarate at last moment I was cursing your predictions and thinking that you predictions went wrong.

I congratulate you for such a wornderful predictions and pray God to become instrument in shaping people’s destiny.

I would like to write a quick testimonial for Seema Midha. I have been dealing with Seema Maám for some 5 months now and have found her predictions to be extremely accurate. Maám really takes the time out to listen to your problem and she not only explains what the cards say but also gives some good genuine and motherly advice to go with it.

I have asked Maám quite a few measurable and specific questions and the answers given have tuned out to be highly accurate. In addition, she is great to talk to – she has a very warm personality. It is also very easy to book time with her – she is amazingly very prompt with her replies. This is a genuine testimonial and not a marketing gimmick! Feel free to message me on Facebook regarding any specific questions.

Team India recently won the Asia Cup in Hyderabad. As unexpected, it came as a complete surprise to all of us but the team surely deserved it. It was just before the semi-finals, when even though we all had worked very hard, there was some insecurity regarding the match. It was then I called Dr Seema Midha, an internationally renowned tarot card reader and an Ace numerologist to guide me so that I can remove all negative thoughts from my mind about the result.

It was her words which gave me a boost and made me more positive about the upcoming match. I kept her positive words in my mind throughout the match. The final result, as everyone knows was in our favour.

Then came the final match against KOREA, again the same insecurity cropped up in my mind. I could not resist my self from calling Dr Seema Midha, and knowing whether we were on the right track.

The power with which she guided and supported me was enough for the team to come on top. I have always believed in her, and she always comes forward as a supporting factor for us. And this time too, she was like a pillar of support.

I remember meeting Dr Seema Midha in 2007. I had seen her on ‘India TV’, taking queries of people on phone. I found her to be a very confident and pleasant tarot card reader. She was handling each query with a lot of patience and the people were disconnecting calls with satisfaction in their voices.

I was impressed! I decided to meet her and met her after seeking an appointment from her. And My God! She seemed to know everything about me and that too through a pack of cards! Session with her really helped me as she not only predicted about my future but also guided and counseled me about my career and personal life. She has accurately predicted about my personal life, career, foreign travels etc. She had suggested remedies too about the problem areas which has really helped.

She is a highly knowledgeable and down to earth person and treats all her clients with equal importance.

Barnali Chaklader
19th October 2011
Mobile number : 8750042031

It was really nice experience to meet you & get guidance from you about my personal & at professional front.Your guidance seems really effective & helped me a lot in bringing those changes in my life for which I dreamt off .I am getting good opportunities in life now & hoping for some more for which I am planning & also my decisions are being more determined.

All I can say is Thanks a lot for your guidance .It has been a real great help at the time when its actually needed.

Thanks & Regards !
Renu Arora

It has never been easy for me to seek or accept advice based on Astrology, Numerology or Tarot, so it took a bit of convincing from my mother, wife & brother, who had all benefitted from Dr Seema Midha to meet her. When I met Dr Seema Midha I was surprised to see how approachable and open she was. She totally put me at ease and time just flew by as I ended up asking and getting convincing advice on much more than I had initially planned. Her being multi-talented, accomplished & experienced meant that the answers and solutions she offered combined the best of numerology, tarot and conventional logic. She had a very positive aura and her advice had complete clarity.

I wouldn’t say I was going through tough times, but I had some important decisions in front of me and I needed clarity and guidance so that I could take the right decisions. Dr Seema Midha guided me towards the correct decisions and additionally advised me on many other aspects of my life, relationships & career. The fact that Dr Seema Midha is multi-talented meant that she could analyze many more aspects of my life and correlate them to recommend the best solutions. Her advise is animated with many experiences, examples and stories which help us understand her point much more clearly. He solutions are usually simplistic and easy to do or incorporate in our lives.

She also analyzes aspects of our lives which traditional astrologers, numerologists or tarot readers would never touch upon. This leads to a complete and thoroughly satisfying sitting with her after which we can see various aspects of our lives with a lot more clarity.

Lastly, I do now believe that “prevention is better than cure” and so feel that its best to consult someone before we feel that bad times are upon us, as then we can avoid these times. I now feel that I was indeed lucky to have met & consulted Dr Seema Midha in good time. Her guidance helps avoid bad times and maximize benefits of good times.

I was very depressed and underconfident when I had left my job and was preparing for an MBA. I had no direction and my life was in complete disarray. This is when Seema ji gave me her blessings, told me what I needed to change in life, get the correct mobile number. I changed my outlook after one meeting with seema ji and my concentration improved. With this, I got into the top MBA college in India and am now on the fastest track to progress. Even now, Seema ji guides me which is ensuring my progress in life personally and professionally.

Karan Sehgal
Executive Member, The Marketing Society
Faculty of Management Studies
University of Delhi
Delhi – 110007

I had met Dr Seema Midha in the recent past. Based on her advise, i had changed my mobile number by including certain numbers.she had suggested This would help to bring me better luck in my profession.I followed her advise.

To my surprise,i received a call for work within four days after changing my number. I also felt a lot better with positive vibes after talking to her.

It has indeed been a beautiful and destressing experience after meeting Dr Seema Midha.
Sidharth Actor