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Tarot in Daily Life.

To know and understand the will of the Divine – this is what Divination is all about. In other words, Divination means guidance from the Divine. The tarot is most commonly viewed as a tool for divination. Tarot is pronounced as “taro”, which means the Royal path. It is a magnificent spiritual journey – a journey in the language of symbols and pictures. Different symbols, colors, numbers and objects are used in the design of tarot cards. All these have specific meaning and are essential for understanding and interpreting the cards. But this can happen only when one is open to perceiving it. More importantly, tarot readings communicate meaning because we bring to them our sincere desire to discover deeper truths about our lives.

Unlike other forms of divination, which usually require years of study, anyone can learn to use the tarot after only a few weeks of practice. The simple act of faith allows you to become aware of the guidance and wisdom from your Inner Guide, which had always been there with you. This book has been specially written to show how the cards can help you to understand your relationships, career, finances, health etc, and also to be aware of the part that you play in them. The interpretations of the cards discuss their classic meanings and go on to explore these in greater depth within the context of your own situation. In the psychic world, tarot cards are used to represent symbolically, what we all go through in our life’s journey. The mediums used are varied for predicting the future; they can be done with tarot cards, psychic visions, regular playing cards, astrology charts, dreams, palmistry, channeling, biorhythm, runes, trances, or many other types of symbolic vehicles.

By seeking meanings in this way, we honor reality and give it a chance to be revealed. The symbols provide keys to the meta-physical meaning of the cards. These are a collection of secrets that underline and explain our universe.

By nature, we are meant to rely on the wisdom of our Inner Guide. But we usually trust our conscious mind instead. We often feel as if events are forced upon by chance. When we learn to access our Inner Guide, we experience life differently. We have the certainty and peace that comes from aligning our conscious will with our inner purpose. Our path becomes more joyous, and we see more clearly how we bring together the scattered elements of our lives to fulfill our destinies. The tarot cards help one fly until one can reach his Inner Guide on his own. Don’t worry for now about how this might happen. Just play with the cards, work through the lessons and exercises, and a few surprises will definitely be experienced!!

Profession/Career Spread

If you are you indecisive about your career/job decisions, these Seven cards spread give you to take right career choice.

Know About your wealth

Want to know about your wealth? These Five cards will give you fair idea about your past, present and future wealth conditions.

Check your Soul Mate

This Eight card spread gives you an complete analysis on relationship, compatibility and future relationship.

Compatible Relationship

A unique method of Numerology and Tarot reveals an insight of your relationship through vibrating numbers and sharing planet power of each other.

Past, Present and Future Spread

This Eight card spread gives you an complete analysis on relationship, compatibility and future relationship.


The origin of tarot is quite a mystery and there are various schools of thought concerning the fact as to where they originally came from. One school of thought says that they originated from India and is based on the ‘Dashavathara’ of Vishnu. Others connect it with the ‘Ardhanareshwara’ aspect of Shiva.The tarot found its way to Egypt where it was preserved in a temple as a sacred book. It was referred to as the living book and was respected as a book of wisdom, which taught about all aspects of human life from the spiritual to the mundane. The story goes on to say that the temple caught fire and the only thing they managed to save from it was this book. Later it fell in the hands of the gypsies and was carried to Europe, where, for many years it was used as a method of “fortune telling”. We do know for sure that the cards were used in Italy in the fifteenth century as a popular card game. Later, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the cards were discovered by a number of influential scholars of the occult. These gentlemen were fascinated by the tarot and recognized that the images on the cards were more powerful than a simple game would suggest. Since then, a lot of research has been done on the subject.There is another school of thought concerning the origin of tarot cards. It is said that in Macedonia, there used to be a University of Mysticism, where mystics came from all over the world. There was no common language and all the lessons and teachings were put into pictures and symbols and hence the cards were created as a teaching device. Now, even though the origins are unclear, one thing is certain and that is the fact that tarot has taken on the influence of various cultures and this makes it Universal.

The Major Arcana, the suit of 22 cards, depicts the journey of the soul to find its ultimate fulfillment. The images on these cards are very powerful because they describe turning points in our lives. It starts with the “Magician” (Card No. 1) and finishes with “The World” (Card No. 21). There is one un- numbered card in the pack, which is “The Fool”. It is referred to as Card No. 0. This is because the Fool can describe the beginning or the end of man’s journey. It also refers to the inner self, the free soul that not bound by anything. This makes The Fool the most essential card in the tarot. Actually it stands more or less alone, and there is no concrete evidence that it should be positioned as the first card of the Major Arcana. He is the traveler who goes through the journey of the life.The remaining 77 cards describe the various stages and experiences of the passage. The very names of the other cards are suggestive of magic and mystery like The Hanged Man, The Wheel of Fortune, Judgement and so on. Unlike the Minor Arcana, they bear no relationship to modern playing cards. Each of the Major Arcana represents a distinct principle, law, power or element in nature. These are drawn from a repository of symbols and images common to all persons in all age groups, from what has been called the ‘collective unconscious’. To identify the cards and make for easier readings, we have given colored strips on the bottom of each card, one for each element :


The Tarot Deck is made up of 78 cards or Arcana (Arcana meaning “mystery” in Latin). 22 of these are referred to as Major Arcana and the remaining 56 are Minor Arcana.

The Minor Arcana is further divided into 4 suits of 14 cards each consisting of 10 Pip Cards from numbers one / Ace to ten and 4 Court Cards – Page, Knight, Queen and King. The four suits are known as Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, which also correspond with four basic elements. Thus, we have:

1.Pentacles : Earth element and feminine energy show abundance, prosperity, material, fertility, cultivation, divine path (spirituality), divine material, and wealth.

2.Wands: Fire held by masculine hands show work that we do, career, progress, fire, zeal, fire burns – progress in the work.

3.Cups: Water element shows feminine energy that comes from clouds, love, emotions, relationships, and partnerships.

4.Swords: Air energy indicates mind, thought, and intellect. Sword cuts thought in the air. Sometimes, thinking or thought process can also be killing.

NOTE – Even number cards (2,4,6,8,) give reverse or opposite meanings
– Odd number cards (1,3,5,7…) give positive meaning.


What is given on the cards is a basic structure. Each individual card has many meanings, may be as many as 30 different meanings. Intuition of the reader plays an important role, as with intuition only he/she can choose the correct meaning of the card with reference to the given situation. Before a reading, the reader must shuffle the cards with his hands in order to neutralize them. He should also utilize this time to tune into the divine. The cards are then laid on the table and are picked up by the consultee. These chosen cards are positioned on the table in specific patterns, referred to as spreads. The reader uses a particular spread depending on what needs to be looked into. It may be about a relationship, outcome, some confusion, important decision to be taken, career, business, personality, self-esteem, inner quest or spiritual life etc. The reader is just a medium, who interprets the guidance that comes from the tarot. When one reads the tarot cards frequently, it is difficult not to become convinced that some power is present that directs their distribution. A divine power affects the unconscious movements of the person shuffling, cutting, and laying out the cards, and when they are dealt they seem to fall into positions that inevitably relate to the subject of the reading.


There are 5 inner qualities that are beneficial for accurate and genuine reading, these are: -

Environment for reading the cards needs a special emphasis and includes the physical setting and the internal state of the reader. The Tarot Card Reader is in reality a medium to the divine and he interprets the messages that come through. It is very much like being a language interpreter who helps to make communication easy and clear between two people. You are called the Reader, and the person for whom you are going to read is the Querent. In this case the consultee and the divine. Tarot is a living guidance and not a blind or dead prediction.It is important that you study and really learn the meaning of each of the 78 cards. In a way that sometimes one may not understand, your subconscious mind seems to direct the shuffling but can do this correctly only after you have implanted the meaning of each card in your memory. Before you try to read for a friend, also familiarize yourself with the method of laying out the cards, which you have decided to use. Half-learned meanings will result in half-correct answers. While reading for yourself, be particularly careful that a happy mood does not incline you to make over-rosy interpretations; likewise, if you are blue and discouraged, be sure to check how much your mood is affecting your reading.

Many Wands – change

Many Cups – love, goodness

Many Swords – strife

Many Pentacles – political action or intrigue

The presence of many of the Major Arcana cards indicate that the answer to the Querent`s question is largely controlled by other people. Remember that readings depend not only on the meaning of the individual card but also on its place in the layout, and that the cards on each side may also affect the interpretation.


It is wise to protect your Tarot Deck not only from physical damage but also from discordant vibrations. Wrap your cards in a piece of silk and put the wrapped cards in a small box. They should never be left scattered about; put them away when you have finished with them. When the cards are new, you might, as some people do, put them under your pillow for a few nights so that they can acquire your personal vibrations. Do this again if the cards have left unused for a number of months or have been handled by a person whose presence has disturbed you.


When interpreting a reading, sense the card as a whole. Your Inner Guide will give you hints that will lead you towards the ideas and meaning that are most appropriate for a particular card and time. With a little digging and a sincere desire to help, you may uncover what is really bothering the Querent and find that the cards have indeed answered a question that really was upper most in his mind. While interpreting make sure and look into the following details : -Suppose you are psychic; the cards then will really come alive for you and lead you right to the problem about which the Querent needs to talk and get advice. Those who do not feel that they are psychic will soon find, however, that they are developing a sixth sense and they intuitively feel the inner implications of the situation. When the cards do not make sense or respond even on reshuffling two / three times, then put them away for at least 24 hours before trying to read them again. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER finish the reading on a discouraging note.


One consults the tarot because one needs an answer to a problem or situation, which is being faced by the individual. It is advised to frame the question after logical analysis of the problem. It should also not avoid/deflect responsibility and the question should be open ended including necessary details making it clear of what one wants to know. Be neutral, positive, self-focused and confident while framing. A negative question should never be asked. Since the Querent is indecisive and is also likely to be in a negative frame of mind, hence, the Reader should guide the Querent so that he/she can ask a correct question.