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There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life. ~Varaha Mihira

Likewise, Dr Seema Midha is the only one who can provide a helping hand, and a motivational support, towards answers, which can change your entire outlook to life.

Based in spiritual India’s capital, New Delhi, Dr Seema Midha is an internationally Ace Numerologist and Tarot Expert, with a mission to change the lives of people with her wisdom and profound psychic knowledge. A Post Graduate in Child Psychology, and specialized in Tarot, Numerology Feng-shui, Vaastu, Colour therapy, crystal ball gazing, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Pranic Healing, Acupressure, Psychotherapy, Hypnotism, Past life, Aura Reading & enhancing techniques, Angel Healing, Evil Effect Remedies Chants and Mudra therapy Dr Seema Midha, is a dutiful mother and wife.

Being socially involved as a noted tarot reader, Dr Seema Midha believes in uncovering the hidden strength within people, with a sole aim to empower them with self-confidence. Renowned worldwide for her selfless contribution towards the Rotary Club, Masonic club societies NGOs Dr Seema Midha is Asia’s number one tarot expert.bally acclaimed with the Reiki Master ship Bharat Nirman Award, Dr Seema Midha has authored an easy to understand “Mystical Tarot Deck with Guide Book”, describing all the 78 tarot cards. And her expertise in numbers A BOOK first in the world ‘MOBILE NUMBER CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ also she launched for the first time in India TAROT FORECAST 2009 /2010/2011.

“Dr Seema Midha’s Tarot & Numerology workshops, more than 800 tarot television programs, 350 radio broadcasts and motivation articles, have reached many hearts and developed personalities of individuals from all fields of life. She has been in every part of the world, holding seminars, campaigns, print media, press events to propagate the benefits of tarot reading & occult sciences Just being in her presence, will give you positive energy, a new ray of hope, and the answers you were looking for.Whether you are trapped in an unhappy marriage or undergoing a mid-life crisis, share your problems with Dr Seema Midha, a patient listener. Helping you through emotional, spiritual, professional, or mental stress, she makes sure you adopt a positive attitude, to help you win in life. Simply because, Dr Seema Midha’s sincere services are all about you, your happiness, your success and your peace of mind.”

QUEEN OF CARDS/ 3 World records holder, Author … DR SEEMA MIDHA..LIFE DESIGNER

Dr Seema Midha is an internationally renowned Tarot Expert, Ace Numerologist and exceptional Healer, an author, spiritual teacher & a life designer. She has a member of American Tarot Association .she has many firsts to her credits-Tarot DVD “Enlightenment through Tarot”.
Mystical Tarot deck 78 Cards with book.
Mystical Tarot Essentials.
Tarot Forecast (12 zodiac books).
She has authored the books CONSIDERED INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS & GOLDEN BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS–“Mobile number can change your life” and “what is your mobile number?
(First book on mobile number predictions) A popular & regular columnist and personality heard and seen in Tarot TV Shows Radio Shows globally .She is renowned worldwide for her selfless contribution towards the Rotary club, Masonic club societies NGOs. She is panel of celebrity expert in Astrospeak indiatimes, astroyogi.com and ibibo.com. manyzones.com. helpmepapa.com. She is designing lives through her depth of vast knowledge. She is the part of jury & grooming expert for MISS INDIA NORTH 2013, MISS INDIA ELLITE 2013 & MR INDIA GLOBAL, MISS INDIA 2014, MRS GURGAON 2014 .PG in human development Seema Midha, is here on the planet with a mission to change the lives of people with her wisdom and profound psychic knowledge. She travels the world shaping the lives of millions through new age therapies from the past 20 years. Young and old learners across genders have learned the art of Tarots and numerology from Dr Midha. Thousands of learners have gained knowledge as well as life skill from her. She has now gone ahead and started the Delhi School of Occult Sciences to impart knowledge in this area. The school has spread its wings in Singapore, London, Canada and California, New Zealand, Germany & UAE. Dr Seema Midha is a guiding light and harbinger of peace and spirituality in our times. She is an achiever in all respects and a great inspiration for women. She is a guiding light and has only one purpose in her life – to heal humanity!


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