About Founder

Dr. Seema Midha strongly believes that learning is an ongoing process and the day we stop learning, we stop living. So, as a deep thinker and an ongoing learner, she keeps on learning from each person she meets and every place she visits.
Dr. Seema Midha is an internationally acclaimed Tarot Card Reader, three times World Record Holder, ace Numerologist, Spiritual Healer, Author, Member of Different Holistic Forums, Founder of Tarot Association in India and the founder of Delhi School of Occult Science. People from all walks of life, from all around the globe who have a keen desire to understand the deep meaning of life have learnt the art of tarot and numerology from her.
Carrying unlimited positivity and infinite passion for life from past more than 20 years, Life Designer Dr. Seema Midha has been visiting different parts of the worlddesigning lives and inspiring millions in million waysthrough her new age therapies.
Through her scientific and logical approach she has come up various concepts like the 1st Tarot DVD-“Enlightenment through Tarot (Read and Learn)”, 1stMystical Tarot Deck- 78 cards with book, 1st Mystical Tarot Essentials (10 Different products in the field of Tarot), 1st Tarot Forecast (12 zodiac books) which became a best seller. On the occasion of World Tarot Day she launched her 1st mobile application to provide Tarot solutions to people which was honored with World Record. Dr. Seema Midha has also authored first books on mobile numbers- “Mobile number can change your life” and “what is your mobile number”, which havebeen registered in 3 World Records.
She is a regular columnist for print media, TV and radio panelist globally. She is also in the panel of celebrity experts in astrospeakindiatimes, astroyogi.com, ibibo.com, manyzones.com and helpmepapa.com.speaking tree.com
Through her skills and resources, she is selflessly engaged in helping many NGOs and involved in the activities of Rotary Club and Masonic Club Societies as an initiative to give back to the society. Dr. Seema Midha has also been a part of jury and a grooming expert for prestigious pageants like Miss India North 2013, Miss India Elite 2013, Mr. India Global, Miss India 2014, Mrs.Gurgaon 2014, Mrs. Delhi NCR, Supermodel International 2016, Bollywood Mr. and Ms. India 2017 and Supermodel Worldwide 2019.

For her compassionate nature and passion to guide people with her God gifted wisdom, she has been acknowledge with laurels like Naari Astitva Award 2023 India prime icon award 2022 Most Inspiring Woman in India 2020, StarsTell Astrology and Wellness Award 2019, Worldwide Supermodel 2019, 1st Alpha Woman in India, MahaNavratna Award 2016, Popular Brand Award 2015, Magicka Women Achievers Award, Sakshiyat Award 2015, Zoom Delhi Endorsement Award 2014, Style Icon Award 2014, GHT Wellness Award 2014, 21st National Journalist Award 2014, Women Entrepreneurship Award 2014, Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award 2014, Ravishing Wedding Best Astrologer Award 2013, Adhi Abadi Women Achievers Award 2013, Indian Icon Award 2013, Tarot Queen Award 2012, Priyadarshini Award 2013, Honor of Excellence 2012, Gold Certificate Award 2011 from Kenya & Super Achiever Award 2007 and many more.

During these testing times of covid-19 pandemic, she has been fulfilling her responsibility as a healer and spiritual guide by selflessly conducting and participating in various workshops, webinars and sessions for the peopleglobally over telephone, Radio, TV and various Social Media platforms. With a vision and goal to give back to the society, she is contributing through her motivational videos every day. Presently, she’s the celebrity guest for weekly Canadian Show aired on Punjabi web channel “Panj Daryaa ”. Completed her 108 episodes.

She opines that each one of us has the divinity that the gods posses. With our virtues, we all have the power to follow the path of holy men that walked the earth like Lord Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev, Lord Rama, Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna and Sai Baba. The challenge is to unleash that goodness and keep it intact because sacrifice is strength that makes us sacred.

Dr. Seema Midha is a bundle of unlimited positivity who believes that, “Happiness is to help and heal the Humanity with clear intentions and high intuitions.”